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Cordless Eye Massager


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The eye massager adopts carbon fiber heating and microcomputer chip control technology to help the blood circulation of the eye by applying heating, vibration and air pressure to the eye, exercising eye muscle regualtion ability, imparting vitality to the eye skin, releasing visual pressure and caring for eyesight. built-in music with massage to help relax.


  • RELAXING EYES: Intelligent action on the eye points, relaxing the eye nerves, don’t worry about dry eye fatigue.
  • GIVES MORE VITALITY TO THE EYE AREA: Micro-magnetic theraphy, magetic energy acts on the eyes giving the eyes more vitality and making the eye skin more elastic.
  • HELP EYE BLOOD CIVULATION: The 180 degree foldable design fits the face, 42 degree body comfort temparature hot compress.
  • CARE FOR EYESIGHT: Multi-frequency vibration massage, exercise eye muscle adjustment ability.
  • OPTIMIZE SLEEP QUALITY: Soothing music can relieve stress, make your body and mind more relaxed, sleep more fragrant.