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AROMA TERAPY Shoulder Wrap & Neck Relief Wrap


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Shoulders & Neck Relief Wrap is a multipurpose heating pad and cold pack designed for the upper back, shoulders and neck areas. This best-selling Shoulder Wrap is reusable and can be used as a heat pack, a moist heat pack, and a cold pack and as aromatherapy pack.

It is commonly used by people as a heating pad for shoulder pain relief, stiff neck aid, and upper back aches remedy. You can also use it to relieve minor headaches, reduce swelling and muscle stiffness and promote muscle relaxation.

The Shoulders & Neck Relief Wrap is filled with our 100% natural aromatherapy blend – a mixture of 10 herbs and grains. It combines the benefits of heat therapy and cold therapy for upper back pain relief with aromatherapy for relaxation, making it a great stress relief & upper back pain relief treatment at home.